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growzone GmbH

There is space in the growzone: For ambitious thoughts, fresh perspectives and brave goals. We create space and initaite movement: in teams, processes, and in the development of individual personalities. We don’t hide behind empty phrases and technical jargon. We get straight to the point and connect what belongs together: people with people, and people with goals.

Identifying the root cause of a problem often reveals multiple interconnected answers. We analyze strucutres and processes, efficiency and performance, and integrate these insights with leaders, teams, and their new visions. It’s not the company that grows, but the people within it. With new tasks and perspectives on themselves and the team, on business metrics and goals. We help leaders in adapting to new roles, enabling them to exceed their limits at crucial moments.

For the challenges our clients face, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we work WITH you to find the right approach tailored to your company. The growzone team consists of many experts who focus on the typically most painful areas.

growzone – growing together & growing as one

ARGO cooperation
procon Unternehmensberatung

Since 1996, procon Unternehmensberatung GmbH has been operating as an international innovative specialist in consulting of management systems. The main services include process, project, risk and general management. Karl Wagner and Roman Käfer lead an optimally coordinated team with experience in many different industries. This enables the customers to combine synergies in their own company. Processes are optimized, costs saved, opportunities used and dangers avoided, thus ensuring smooth processes in day-to-day business.

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SIZE PROZESS® is a new personality and communication model (“self-system”), which reliably combines existing scientific concepts (transactional analysis, bioenergetics, systemic theories), enabling easily understandable, practical approaches to own behaviors, strengths and resources.

SIZE PROZESS® helps to identify and understand our own personality and that of other people as well as their behavior, making it possible to respond more rapidly to these persons and to get into contract with them. Even after just a short training period, social competence, communication skills, motivation skills and the knowledge of human nature can be enhanced significantly.

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ontalents CAPTain

To identify and pointedly develop potentials of employees. Both for the individual benefit and the economic benefit of the company. In cooperation with numerous certified consultants, we apply our tools and methods to the needs of small and medium sized Austrian businesses and multinational companies all over Europe. Therefore, we always aim to find the most suitable person for a particular task. Benefit from our wide range of long-standing experience in more than 60 different online potential analysis processes for application and implementation.

ARGO cooperation
Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement

The Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement (GP) was established in 2002 as an independent association for knowledge transfer on the topic of process management. The objectives of GP are to provide a platform for business and science and to promote cooperation with educational and research institutions, public institutions, companies and different interest groups at the national and international levels. GP has become the leading knowledge and competence network in process management in the German speaking region. It supports the implementation of the company strategy in customer-oriented organizations by integrating internal and inter-company processes.

ARGO cooperation Consulting GmbH

Impetus for active change:
Our objective is to add value on your way to success by actively supporting your improvement and change processes. Our impetus should make a difference that makes a difference.
The common focus is always placed on economic and technical objectives as well as the acting people and those affected and, consequently, on the culture and organization of your company. This integrated approach is a prerequisite for change and development to become an initiative for holistic and long-term success – also in view of a constantly changing environment.

ARGO cooperation
ADVANCE Business Coaching

ADVANCE Business Coaching is an Operations Improvement Firm with Focus on measurable and sustainable results. Our team consists of very experienced executives with 20+ years industry and international experience.
Projects are run in a down to earth and easygoing way, focused on measurable and sustained results. Our very experienced team works together with your people to implement measurable and sustainable results. We embrace Creativity before Capital expenditures.