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About ARGO

ARGO stands for Integrative Personnel and Organizational Development. The core competencies of ARGO are: Leadership Development, Talent Development, Expert Development, and Sales Force Development.

ARGO was founded in Vienna in 1996 and is internally active with its 19 ARGOnauts. Selected partners in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain an the USA support our work in international projects.

ARGO supports Skills Development of PEOPLE in the areas of Ledership, Sales, Cooperation, Communication, and advancement of potential.

ARGO supports ORGANISATIONS and provides organizational development solutions in the areas of Change Processes, Sales Empowerment , Operational Excellence, as well as Talent Managent and other HR Processes.

The spectrum of methods of the ARGOnauts ranges from Analysis, Consulting and Training up to Research.

ARGO sustainably enhances the success of its clients via custom-made, creative concepts that help find, develop and support people to be able to successfully represent their company in turbulent periods. We create conditions that allow to transfer your competencies and performance into long-lasting success.
And, indeed, this is the global mission of the ARGOnauts:
We support people and organizations to be successful together.

ARGO facts
Key Data

Founding Date: 1.2.1996

Management Board:
Mag. Dieter Bernold
Ing. Mag. Bernhard Gattermeyer
Barbara Thoma
Ing. Ronald Thoma, MBA

Employees: 18

ARGO facts

Barbara Thoma
tel: +43 1 369 77 00

ARGO facts