Feedback in 2019

Professional Clinical Software GmbH
Operations Manager
“For years ARGO has been a reliable, flexible partner for us, one who adjusts programs to customer needs and does not deliver trainings of the shelf. Our company benefits from the successful further development of the individual employees and we appreciate the competencies and engagement of the ARGOnauts.”


JAF International Services GmbH
Head of Human Resources
“ARGO has supported the implementation of our leadership development programs for some years already. Already during the development phase, we were impressed by the high professional competence of the ARGO team, the good instincts for our company, and clear suggestions on implementation. The feedback of our leaders is extremely positive after every training. In addition, we were convinced by the high practical relevance and lasting effect of content taught. Over the years, ARGO has become a very important, trusted partner, who always manages to achieve our requirement focused, and who yet is flexible and uncomplicated.”


T-Systems Austria GesmbH
Managing Director
“After 20 years of working with ARGO it truly shows that the collaboration with them is based on trust, empathy with people and organization in all stages of development, and even more on acceptance of the trainers and methods used. In addition to strategy, organization and company development, nationally and abroad, ARGO has further proved their strengths in personnel development and individual coaching to us.”


“ARGO supports our cultural change, which is a big challenge for our managing board and leaders. ARGO’s support allows us to manage that change faster and more efficiently. ARGO has our complete trust, and the firm instructions to stay focused on the change aspect, even though obstacles are faced. We, the managing directors and leading crew, learned that that developmental work can also be fun and enhancing relationships during an outdoor training organized by ARGO. Thank you.”


Datwyler Switzerland Inc.
VP Human Resources
“Datwyler developed the ‘Advanced Leadership Program’ together with ARGO two years ago. Thanks to the professional support of ARGO we managed to establish common thinking on management skills within our international organization. The 3-day workshops are vividly and understandably designed. The variety of types of group works give us a better understanding of our own individual leadership behaviors and are an important trigger for further opportunities. To bring sustainable change, we defined an internal coaching program, to support our attendants further. I want to emphasize that emotions is the topic at the center of ARGOs work. It’s emotions that make people individual, yet connects us. We also learn to read people from different cultures. ARGO’s approach is long-lasting and professional.” 


Mondi Pine Bluff LLC, USA
Executive Managing Director
"Overall very successful leadership workshops in the US paper mill with outstanding performance from trainers/coaches of the ARGO-Team.
The main challenge was the mutual understanding between two entirely different cultures, the European and the US one, to foster collaboration and a future high performance for the organization.
The initiative was well accepted throughout the organization and the mostly positive feedback from all workshop participants and the consequently positive attitude in the daily business shows that the goal of this initiative was achieved.
To strengthen the organization further I warmly recommend regular leadership and collaboration workshops in different levels of the mill organization.
Thanks to the ARGO Team!"


Flughafen Wien AG
Head of Human Resources
“We are working on two major topics with ARGO. For the topic of “lateral leading” we developed a well-designed training format with ARGO that perfectly fits the needs of the airport. Also for our team development process ARGO worked with a highly professional approach customized to the target group and situation. ARGO’s know-how has proved to us that you can walk the talk.”


UniCredit Bank Austria AG
BP Qualification & Development
“To me ARGO means trust, competence & emotional intelligence. This mixture reflects the long-lasting cooperation with the team of the ARGOnauts over various projects. The qualified analysis of the situation and the skill to involve complex surroundings is demonstrated by personalized solutions. I am looking forward to the implementation of our current project ‘remote leadership’.”


T-Mobile International Austria
Senior Vice President Standardization and IPR Management
“ARGO has supported our international team of employees from seven different nations for more than 20 years. There were many difficult situations when ARGO found the right answer to unite and strengthen our team. It holds true: comparison makes confident. We worked with various other trainers, only to find out that the experts from ARGO simply are the best.”


Prinzhorn Holding GmbH
"ARGO came in and worked along-side us to build a common corporate culture and develop our leaders. They did this not only with the highest professionalism, but also with great attitude and fun. We really see them as trusted partners!”


Department Head Human Resources
"We have very good experiences with ARGO as a reliable development partner for our leadership development. The constantly positive feedback of participants confirms that we are doing the right thing in continuing the cooperation.”


Rath USA
General Manager
“I got to know ARGO as competent partner for strategy and organisational development. We are currently implementing a sales empowerment program for the American Sales team together. The know-how that ARGO has within our very specialized industry keeps impressing me, as this professional support allows us to find solutions together in a fast and efficient manner. I feel that this is a long-lasting partnership.”


Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH
“ARGO successfully accompanied the biggest change project of our company history. We needed to form a united organization after the merger of Orange and Drei. ARGO helped our leaders cope with that task in the pre-merger and post-merger phases. We managed to integrate both business worlds and extend market shares. The consultants from ARGO were a major contribution to that success.”


Head of Human Resources & Organization
“I am deeply impressed with the professionalism and reliability of all contacts I have met at ARGO so far. Calmly, they convey competence in Leadership, presentation and Change, as well as profound process knowledge, which we experienced as an essential support for experts especially in our promotion assessment. I look forward to our continued cooperation. It feels good to have a partner you can rely on.”

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