CO2 strategy
CO2 Strategy

Our ecological responsibility
The only constant is change

“All that you touch You Change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change.” The science fiction author Octavia Butler died in 2006, her quote still perfectly describes our modern living environment:

Everything we do has an impact that feeds back to us. The ongoing change is an inevitable reality, the nature of the change is in our hands.

We want to face this simple reality responsibly.

It is not easy to realize this responsibility in our service, which thrives with presence and therefore mobility, but:

ARGO has been working climate-neutral since 2022 – and we are proud of that!

In our work, we ARGOnauts know about the power of small but consistent, pragmatic steps, and this is how we approach this topic: We have developed a sustainability strategy based on three pillars:

1. Avoid CO2 emissions:

We do everything we can to prevent greenhouse gas emissions from occurring in the first place!

  • Printing paper, flipchart paper, pads and general seminar material will now be ordered from FSC-certified suppliers made from recycled material
  • Consumer goods are generally purchased without plastic packaging and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Food is bought regionally, seasonally and where possible fair trade, palm oil-free and organic
  • Beverages will be changed to returnable bottles without exception, aluminum cans and disposable containers will be left out
  • Switching to rechargeable batteries needs no further discussion
  • Own cleaning products are switched to biological tabs and reusable dispensers
  • Recycling is introduced, even materials that cannot be disposed of separately in the office building, i.e. everything apart from residual and paper waste, are disposed of by ARGOnauts themselves.

2. Reduce CO2 emissions:

With targeted measures, we curb our greenhouse gas emissions as best as possible!

  • Without exception, new leasing contracts are converted to electric vehicles.
  • Our new green electricity provider is WEB Windenergie
  • Disused IT is donated to a training center
  • Mobile phones that can no longer be used for ARGO are donated to Ö3 Wundertüte
  • Where possible, train before flight is used
  • When traveling by air, attention is paid to green tickets
  • Car sharing and taxi companies with e-cars are commissioned

3. Compensate CO2 emissions:

We compensate for unavoidable emissions through eco-social partnership projects: The Viennese social enterprise “Helioz” calculates our CO2 footprint annually according to the standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which forms the basis for knowing our emissions and initiating measures. To this end, we support climate projects in Bangladesh and India through Helios, which make it much easier for families to access clean drinking water. In many areas of Bangladesh and India, surface water is the main source of water besides rainwater. As this is usually contaminated, it first has to be boiled. With the solar device “Wadi”, Helioz has developed a cost-effective way to sterilise contaminated drinking water safely, quickly and easily using sunlight:

  • Water4Climate projects use the power of the sun to disinfect biologically contaminated water.
  • This means that people in India and Bangladesh no longer have to boil water to drink it safely.
  • This not only saves firewood, but also emits less CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Children, in particular, experience fewer respiratory problems and illnesses because the constant smoke from boiling water in the houses is eliminated.
  • The women of the region experience a gain in time, as it is primarily they who have collected the firewood for the water treatment.

All in all, the projects enable sustainable, social, economic and ecological added value for families, which goes far beyond the mere compensation of CO2.