Leadership & Culture

We develop leaders

  • with holistic leadership & management programs, with concepts such as emotional intelligence, resilience, agile leadership, positive leadership, SIZE personality analysis and much more.
  • with impulse trainings on key competencies such as inspiration & change, critical conversations & conflict and much more.
  • with outdoor trainings for developing team cooperation
  • with transition coaching when changing positions
  • with leadership and executive coaching for self-awareness, self-development and clarity
  • with supervision, in specific circumstances


We support leaders

  • with the further development of corporate and management culture
  • with the development and implementation of vision, mission & values
  • with the implementation of operational excellence
  • with the translation of the strategy into the mindset and behaviors of the organisation
  • with team development and conflict management issues
  • with the planning and execution of change processes
  • with setting up and processing employee surveys
  • with personnel selection processes and the development of high-potentials
Talents & Potentials

We develop talents

  • with high-quality potential analyses
  • with tailored high-potentials programs
  • with individual potential development and career coaching

We support talents

  • with talent-oriented leadership culture
  • with targeted talent management processes
  • with well-designed employee interviews
  • with tailor-made assessment centers and development centers
Experts & Teams

We develop experts

  • with impulse trainings for lateral leadership & communication
  • with personal change coaching
  • with trainings to improve presentation skills

We support experts

  • with motivating team-building events
  • with tailor-made, targeted workshops
  • with sustainable conflict moderation
  • by developing an appropriate internal positioning
  • by advising on the anchoring of expert topics
Sales & Market

We develop sales personnel

  • with sales management and sales leadership programs
  • with numbers-focused and data-driven sales trainings
  • with personal sales coachings

We support sales personnel

  • with market-oriented sales empowerment projects
  • by establishing an organization-wide service and sales culture