Projects TMD

Leadership program

TMD Friction is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brake pads for the automotive and brake industries. In addition to disc and drum brake pads for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the product portfolio also includes brake pads for racing and friction materials for industry.
The TMD Friction Group has four locations in Germany and others in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan and employs 4,500 people worldwide.

The employees of TMD Friction make it possible to implement the company’s strategy with know-how and passion.
Leadership is playing an increasingly important role. The aim of the project is to create a common understanding of leadership at team leader level as a bracket function and in addition to the local freedom of individual plants.
In a modular program, first and foremost, role awareness is developed and strengthened in order to increase the urgency of investing time in leadership tasks and to build up the necessary skills. Fundamental attitudes as the basis for positive leadership work, diverse aspects of communication, the use of different leadership styles as well as change and the challenges associated with it are the focus of the development program. The participants are offered tools online and live, and trying out and adapting them is supported in accompanying steps. Application orientation receives maximum attention!
The program is also supported by intensive exchange and lively discussions among the team leaders as well as with the plant management and HR. The diverse challenges of the future require a strong and cohesive management team. The willingness to actively contribute to this can be clearly felt by all participants!

We look forward to partnering with TMD Friction leaders on this journey.


SERvolution Leadership Development Program

SER is one of the world’s leading software manufacturers for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and intelligent content automation. With more than 35 years of experience, a committed team of more than 630 employees works at 22 locations worldwide.
As an essential aspect of the strategic development process “SERvolution”, it is the aim of the SER management to offer support to the key players in the organization.

The goal is to reflect on their role model effect as leaders in the sense of the SER Values and to further expand their skills.
An integrated leadership program was launched that both aims to achieve this goal and creates space for the international leadership team to network. Training is used in the classic way, peer group learning and online coaching deepen the transfer both across locations and individually.

After a successful start, further modules are now to follow. The continuous linking of the content with strategic fields of action and current challenges should enable the synchronization of individual and organizational development.

The ARGOnauts are happy to have a steering and supporting effect here, it’s just fun to work with SER!


Dunapack „Faster Forward 2021: “Our Way to an Agile Culture“

Dunapack Packaging is one of the market leaders in the European market for corrugated cardboard packaging thanks to its policy of continuous investment in the latest machinery and the further development of its employees.
The declared goal is to further expand its position via the strengths of customer proximity, flexibility and reliable, first-class service.

Switching to agile working is a crucial step towards this goal.
After extensive organizational changes and initial successes in implementation, there remain those risks that rob sustainable success from 70% of all change endeavours: stress and operational pressure cost energy, the motivation to change decreases, conflicts break out. Frustration spreads and blocks the new way of working.

True to its mission, “We will.”, Dunapack is taking countermeasures:
The models and competencies that the management team had previously acquired together at the Prinzhorn Leadership Academy have been deepened through workshops, individual coaching, sprint monitoring and team building, and then applied to current topics.
The aim has been, on the one hand, to allow the leaders to act in a conscious and targeted manner in their responsibility as role models and, on the other hand, to recognize and eliminate blockages in the change dynamics in all stakeholder groups through external feedback and impulses.

The ARGOnauts are proud to continue to strengthen the mindset change that is essential for agile organizations and to observe how it supports the company goal!


RSRG Leadership Academy

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group (RSRG) is a full-service provider of railway technology in the areas of railway construction, equipment and service. It is one of the largest construction service companies in its specialist area in Europe as well as a global player.
The high level of technical orientation and training of the managers results in an application-oriented, immediacy-focused management culture. With a view to the strategic challenges, the RSRG leadership decided that self-reflection and soft skills should be added to the management skill-set.
Conscious responsibility for one’s own employees is a guiding principle at RSRG, and RSRG gives support for this challenge:
The aim of the Leadership Academy has been to bring together the decentralized structures and the country-specific approaches to personnel development. Managers across all hierarchical levels – from the board of directors to middle management – are now encouraged to reflect on leadership models and apply them in a function-specific manner.
An intensive 360-​​degree feedback process was the foundation and conceptual framework for the program. During the Corona period, which made in-person trainings impossible, we were nevertheless able to use virtual methods to stimulate reflection and development.
The training modules have been enthusiastically received, especially after the pandemic, and the exchange have been intensive and motivating right from the start. Management dialogues offer an accompanying platform for internal strategy communication. Ongoing online coaching deepens the implementation and provides practical support for individual leadership scenarios.

The ARGOnauts are looking forward to further exciting work! The cross-hierarchical, consistent approach will ensure success!