Strategy Implementation & Sales Empowerment_Food Retail Industry:

ARGO supported its customer to grow its leading market share through a system-wide consulting project that included workshops, trainings, coaching, etc. to deliver:

  • Implementation of the new strategy
  • Establishment of a matrix-organization in the company
  • Introduction of new expert roles
  • Interview potential for internal hiring
  • Support for executives, professionals and HR experts
  • Improved focus on service and sales at the points of sales
Toolbox_Experts Organization:

Using precise training modules targeted behavioral skills are being built up based on previously covered material:

  • Preparatory Material & Task Settings
  • One Day Intensive Training on diverse subjects: lateral leadership, criticism conversation etc
  • Case Supervision
Operational Excellence_Manufacturing:

ARGO has guided the senior leadership of the Engineering & Maintenance department of a global customer to develop E&M Excellence via:

  • Workshops with the E&M executives to craft vision and behaviors of E&M Excellence
  • Development of key players as “Sensei”, teachers and masters of excellence to the organization
  • Coaching of the “Sensei“
Leadership & Talent Development_Paper Industry:

International training programs and consulting assure Cooperation & Succession for international, fast growing industrial companies:

  • International Leadership Programs
  • International Management Programs
  • Consulting on Talent Management
  • 360-Degree Feedback Programs
  • Cross-border Corporate Culture Workshops
Corporate Culture_Financial Services:

The establishment of a new Quality of Cooperation supports the successful Restructuring and Process Optimization:

  • Mission Statement Development
  • Executive Oriented Workshops
  • Outdoor Events & Competence Training
  • Conflict Moderation
  • Status Surveys as Progress Assessment and Intervention Planning