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The 3 in 1 Competence Package: Strengthen Retention, Engagement & Innovation with Psychological Safety

Every manager wants committed, independent, innovative employees who contribute their competence and experience to the organization over many years.

The reality of the job market often paints a different picture.
Let’s briefly examine the many causes and then look at the underlying common denominator of all these demands:

Psychological Safety is THE core quality in teams that binds employees and motivates them to think with commitment – a core quality that you will learn in our impulse package!

1. Workshop “Psychological Safety”

Retention, Engagement & Innovation – What is happening in the labour market?

  • Results from current studies shed light on the developments and their causes

Psychological Safety – What is it exactly, and can you then still demand performance?

  • On the basis of examples and personal experience, PS is recorded and recognized in the tense field of services

OK, all clear – Now how do I develop this in my team?

  • Intervention possibilities for the manager are demonstrated and practiced

And if I succeed – How do I get everyone else to do their part?

  • Starting points to inspire the team and the organization as a whole with this topic are demonstrated and planned

2. Online Coaching

One-to-one sessions to support implementation, with relevant input:
1 hour per person*

Goal: Participants can assess and address psychological safety in their teams and expand their leadership work accordingly

Investment Impulse Packet (Workshop & Coaching):
2 consulting-days according to agreed daily rate * 6 Coaching sessions per day