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EI in the time of AI: Working with personality and emotional intelligence

No matter how greatly artificial intelligence continues to change our working lives, emotional intelligence will remain THE key competency: Especially in this new world of work, where many of the formal tasks are done through technology, inclusive, transparent work is the thing that makes the difference.

But where to start to develop in a field as wide as EI?

Get to know the concept of emotional intelligence as an integrated model for personal growth in your team and use 360-degree feedback to get targeted approaches for individual development.



The participants learn about emotional intelligence according to Daniel Goleman’s concept.

They understand its importance as a fundamental competence to become a leader with or without a hierarchical position: Structured work on your own emotional intelligence is the key element for personal growth!

They receive ideas on how they can improve individually relevant aspects of the concept and how they can build a supportive environment to sustainably increase their emotional intelligence.

They will learn to use the model in the future as a personal guide to reflect on their own development over time – as a framework that integrates the various learning experiences they receive along their career path.


1 hour online meeting:

Getting started with the topic and setting up the 360° feedback process:

Participants invite people from their environment to provide 360° feedback using Korn Ferry’s Emotional & Social Competency Inventory (ESCI). It forms the basis for the individual development that is initiated during the coaching session.


1 day training: Capturing and reflecting on the concept of EI

1 hour coaching for each participant: The results of the feedback are discussed and implemented into development steps

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SIZE up your Team

You know your team, but would you like to better understand what motivates each of them? You cooperate well as a team, but do personality differences keep making everyday life unnecessarily complicated? You are used to working in a dynamic environment, but is it challenging to constantly adapt to new and different people? You are successful, but managing yourself even better can add that little bit more!

  1. Preparation:

Participants receive a link and fill out their SIZE profile.

Investment: Max. 12 participants at €200 per profile

  1. Team building with the SIZE personality profile
  • >Using the SIZE model, you will learn about and recognize the individual strengths and talents of different people.
  • >You will become more aware of and be able to explain how different personality dynamics lead to typical tensions and misunderstandings, and you will learn how to avoid them.
  • >You will be able to identify individual stress behaviors and learn to manage them.
  • >You will learn how to fulfill your own and others’ basic needs to foster motivation and connections between your team.
  • >You will learn how to get into contact with different personalities and communicate effectively with them.
  • >You will apply your own SIZE profile and that of your team members to meeting challenges and managing conflicts in your everyday professional life.

Duration: 2 days, max. 12 participants

Investment: 2 days for the SIZE trainer at the agreed daily rate

  1. SIZE debriefing:

After starting together on the first day, participants will receive their SIZE personality profile from a SIZE coach in individual discussions parallel to the seminar. By the end of the seminar, all participants will know their personal profile. Participants will learn to recognize each other’s profile and can share their evaluations if they wish.  Participants will deepen what they have learned and be able to recognize the SIZE elements playing out in everyday life. And based on these learnings, the team will develop measures to meet address current team challenges.

One-to-One Duration: approx. 1 hour per participant

Investment: 2 days for the SIZE Coach at the agreed daily rate

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The 3 in 1 Competence Package: Strengthen Retention, Engagement & Innovation with Psychological Safety

Every manager wants committed, independent, innovative employees who contribute their competence and experience to the organization over many years.

The reality of the job market often paints a different picture.
Let’s briefly examine the many causes and then look at the underlying common denominator of all these demands:

Psychological Safety is THE core quality in teams that binds employees and motivates them to think with commitment – a core quality that you will learn in our impulse package!

1. Workshop “Psychological Safety”

Retention, Engagement & Innovation – What is happening in the labour market?

  • Results from current studies shed light on the developments and their causes

Psychological Safety – What is it exactly, and can you then still demand performance?

  • On the basis of examples and personal experience, PS is recorded and recognized in the tense field of services

OK, all clear – Now how do I develop this in my team?

  • Intervention possibilities for the manager are demonstrated and practiced

And if I succeed – How do I get everyone else to do their part?

  • Starting points to inspire the team and the organization as a whole with this topic are demonstrated and planned

2. Online Coaching

One-to-one sessions to support implementation, with relevant input:
1 hour per person*

Goal: Participants can assess and address psychological safety in their teams and expand their leadership work accordingly

Investment Impulse Packet (Workshop & Coaching):
2 consulting-days according to agreed daily rate * 6 Coaching sessions per day


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