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Spirit of the Month

ARGO was founded 25 years ago, in 1996.

A long time, and a good time.
Thank you!

Where were you 25 years ago?
What has changed?
What has stayed the same?

What should change?

Let’s talk!

Spirit of May:
Celebrate with us with a glass of champagne in May!
You can come whenever you wish for a small visit with “your” ARGOnauts, or you can come on the last Friday of the month, May 28th, at 16:00., at the monthly Get Together of all ARGOnauts.
Better safe than sorry: Tests are available, if required – and our 190m2 roof terraces provide real distance and air!

Registration or 01 369 77 00; ARGO Performance & Development, Dresdner Straße 43/DG, 1200 Vienna,